Instrumental perfection...Passionate interpretation... A through-bred musician who completely stands by his work...

("The Reinthaler", Switzerland)

Ljubiša Jovanović, the magnificent and powerful flutist, demonstrated his musical and professional superiority in Mozart's Concerto in G-major.he particularly took our hearts with his three cadenzas, which were like resonant and thoughtful anthitesis to Mozart's music, and done almost as an improvisation...

("Oko", Zagreb, Croatia)

Flutist Lj. Jovanovic had the main say playing with extreme plasticity, well-rounded and expressive tone, sculpturing wonderful cantilenas, with a feeling for both detail and wholeness, communicating both with his partners and with the audience...

("Politika", Belgrade, Serbia)

Belgrade flutist Lj. Jovanović left an extraordinary impression. Natural musicality coming from each phrase, finally sculptured cantilena and effectively played virtuoso passages were best proof of his extremely notable results...

("Pobjeda", Podgorica, Montenegro)

It was a supreme listeners experience, the perfect flute sound by Christian Lardé and Ljubiša Jovanović, a performance that should be remembered and which established Jovanović as a world quality performer!

(National Radio Belgrade, Serbia)

In all three cadenzas Jovanović spread, by his magic flute, the most delicate feelings of his soul, when he sang the most tempting cantilenas, which literally dematerialized the tone texture and the entire sense transferred to an undefined spiritual state, into mutual trance, when all those present breathed in one breath and hearts beat as one heart...For such feeling, for such vigil, we can do no better but to bow again before the eternity of his art!

("Politika ekspres", Belgrade, Serbia)

The Serbian flutist Ljubiša Jovanović demonstrated musicality and technique on a level that clearly reveals an artist...

("Messaggero Veneto", Italy)

Jovanović expressed the qualities of his personal style by revitalizing the substance of Debussy's pastoral being..Unexceptional artist..

("Slobodna Dalmacija", Split, Croatia)

Fine interweaving...Two excellent musicians led by their intention to perform together, searching and finding subtle nuances of outplaying..Lj. Jovanović, a flutist with precise articulation of tone, skillful technique, clear and well-rounded phrase..

("Vjesnik", Zagreb, Croatia)

The magic from the flute...He achieved complete harmony, his performance and intensity in playing rose above common..We wondered how it was possible to produce such tones from only one flute...

("Appenzeller Zeitung", Switzerland)

Ljubiša Jovanović, master of the flute, showed an impeccable technique and limitless musicality..

("Pro Musica", Belgrade, Serbia)

Jovanović has proved again that he is among the top world performers, interpreting Concerto by Stamitz, with the best combination of the rational and emotional, suggestive in virtuosity and artistry. The same inspiration was present during the joint performance of Lardé and Jovanović which the audience greeted with ovations.

("Borba", Belgrade, Serbia)

Flutist Ljubiša Jovanović, a soloist of international is unusual to hear such a clear and noble sound, incorporated into the brilliantly technical tissue of music which has literally got a soul-not only in the segments where the music itself makes it so, but also in the fast movements, or virtuoso passages..Such a blend, by it's transparency, induced a truly deep experience...

("Večernji list", Zagreb, Croatia)

The music left an extraordinary strong impression not only in terms of technical perfection, but also in terms of passionate and deep artistic deliberation, as well as free interpretative imagination, based on a complete knowledge of the author's style, while believing in his own creative process..He completely conquered us with his approach to music-such an understanding of Bach has not been heard for such a long time.

("Dnevnik", Novi Sad, Serbia)

Ljubiša Jovanović's performance is not only important as a manifestation of human creativity (with which he is abundantly gifted), but is important for his desire to bring freedom of comprehension and feeling in through the front door of the world of interpretation.

("Večernje novosti", Belgrade, Serbia)

Master of the flute, Ljubiša Jovanović exited us with his expressiveness, musical phrasing, and refined dynamics. In the fast movements Jovanović enchanted us with the elegance of his musical phrasing, while in the slow movements in an unforgettable way he created lyrical and delicate moods to transport Vivaldi's musical message. It was a superb performance that will be remembered for a long time.

("Politika ekspres", Belgrade, Serbia)

Flutist Ljubiša Jovanović fascinated a huge audience with his art. He played his solo part with obsessive facility, technical brilliance and stylistic impeccability.

("Narodne novine", Niš, Serbia)

The passage entrusted to Ljubiša Jovanović was very inspiring, played with sublime simplicity and facility, which are qualifications of only the best artists.

("Radio Belgrade", Serbia)

Jovanović-Inhof are a duo rarely to be heard, as much in terms of comprehension of the music, musicality and temperament, as in the expressiveness, harmonious sculpturing of melodically phrase, clear logical and stylistic precision which is expressed in the minute development of detail and highly professional approach..Supreme art!

("Theatre", Novi Sad, Serbia)

An escape from the here and now...This is notably Jovanović's personal contribution in interpreting Bach's music, in which the vital musical phrase as well as power and freshness of sculptured tone is evidently expressed. Apart from a deep spirituality, he has also showed an exceptional instrumental technique and skilled breathing, which serves expression and elegancy, revealing brilliant virtuosity, but also a deep lyricism. ..His two-day concert represents a real musical accomplishment and proof of his lifelong dedication to music and its eternal symbol-the flute.

("Politika", Belgrade, Serbia)

The appearance of the "Trio" consisting of Nataša Veljković, piano, Ljubiša Jovanović, flute, and Sandra Belić, cello, was the highlight of the BEMUS Festival. Brilliant instrumentalists, exceptionally well coordinated...

("Radio TV review", Serbia)

Long time awaited concert of the "perfect trio"..proved to be a beneficial therapy with the pretty sound... Such projects clearly represent liberation from any kind of creative weakness..

("Večernje novosti", Belgrade, Serbia)

Three excellent, mutually different musicians..and their imaginative game of "adding" to the scores disclosed the significance of interpretation for vitality of the artistic music. Almost organ sliding in one single breath added to specific color and depth of the slow movement, making of it the memorable festival moment.

("Politika", Belgrade, Serbia)

Masters od their instruments (Jovanović, Veljković, Belić)..played stylistically precisely and with enthusiasm and pleasure of creative gathering, well-coordinated regarding all the parameters of performance...

("Radio Belgrade", Serbia)

The Trio showed that some musicians do not need much time for preparing in order to begin functioning as a harmonious band. In concerns Nataša Veljković, potentially brilliant chamber musician, cellist Sandra Belić, without whom the Belgrade musical scene would be seriously endangered, andLjubiša Jovanović, by acclamation promoted to our best flutist...Their concert jumped out of the average BEMUS's track.

("NIN", Serbia)

The concert of the chamber ensemble "Trio" was a pleasure for ears..

("Borba", Belgrade, Serbia)

Outstandingly coordinated musical impulses of both soloists (S. Belić&Ljubiša Jovanović) as well as their magical enthusiasm in interpretation of a heterogeneous program made a hypnotizing effect on the public that applauded enthusiastically. It was really an event to be long remembered.

("Pro musica", Serbia)

Suggestive expression of performers Ljubiša Jovanović and Sandra Belić showed the significance of top-quality interpretation for modern music.

("Borba", Belgrade, Serbia)